Jill's Product Recommendations

The internet is an incredible game-changing tool; not only does it give us the power to make meaningful online connections and teach us everything about the Universe, but it also allows us the opportunity to recommend the products we support, and a chance to make a little passive income. I whole heartedly believe that everyone should set up their own online store, using affiliate marketing. It helps distribute the wealth into the pockets of the "every day people" and lets our friends know what the amazing tools and products are that support us in living epic lives.

A few featured essential oils from my stash!

A few featured essential oils from my stash!

Living Libations

As someone trained in Aromatherapy, I am obsessed with essential oils. Living Libations are my favourite because I can actually smell and feel the difference. Whenever I use them I feel like my "queen" self. 

My favourite products include their underarm "Poetic Pits" essential oil blends, as well as my one true love, the "Maiden Fern Blushing Balm." I cannot live without this rosy lip/cheek blush, and I always make sure I have a "back up" one everywhere I go. Since it contains cinnamon, ginger, cayenne, stone root and other beneficial ingredients that increase circulation to the skin, it will literally make you a blushing, bashful babe. 

My Berkey water filter!

My Berkey water filter!

Berkey Water Filter

It took me forever to finally find a water filter that I was ready to purchase. Before I owned the ultimate "hydration station" I felt overwhelmed for years by the limitless options of all the high maintenance sub par filters out there. Since I didn't fully consciously and subconsciously feel great about drinking the tap water in my city, I wasn't drinking enough of it. Now my cup overflows with the abundance of pure, fresh, clean water.  

The moment I laid eyes on this filter I knew it was the one...

  1. You can take this gravity fed rugged/durable water filter anywhere since no electricity is required!
  2. The filter elements last for up to 5–7 years with little cleaning and maintenance. 
  3.  It can easily purify tap water as well as untreated water from lakes or streams.
  4. It removes 99.999% viruses, pathogenic bacteria, cysts, parasites, heavy metals, chlorine, and other volatile organic compounds
  5. It is super elegant, shiny and sleek looking. 
  6. The filtered water tastes light, fresh and clean and there are no odours present.
  7. There is an attachable fluoride filter that you can buy as well...SOLD! 
Making "Chaga Chocolate Almond Milk" on Youtube.

Making "Chaga Chocolate Almond Milk" on Youtube.

The Vitamix Turbo Blend

The Vitamix blender is the one kitchen appliance I could never live without. I never knew what I missing until the day I bought a high speed blender. I wish I had gotten one sooner. 

I make homemade banana ice creams, smoothies, nut butters, nut milks, raw vegan treats, salad dressings, and soups all with this bad boy. Even if I were to only make smoothies with this, I feel it is still worth the investment. There is not a day that goes by that I don't use my Vitamix at least 2–3 per day.

It comes with a 7 year warranty and an amazing and inspiring Live Fresh cookbook.