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Photo by Prerana Das

Photo by Prerana Das

Jill Stella Richards is an artist, musician, content creator, vegan recipe developer, positive thinker, tea enthusiast, practitioner, and nature inspired human being. After graduating from Humber college with a Bachelor of Music in 2013, Jill studied The History of Tea at George Brown, Herbalism with the Women's Wellness University, as well as Vibrational Sound Therapy at the Transformational Arts College. 

Jill has developed and instructed over a dozen curriculums for Explore It! – an arts program for children – including Cooking and Nutrition, Yoga, Athletics and Audio Production. After connecting online with Truly Organic Foods in 2014, Jill continues to create monthly recipes for their blog and soon-to-be cookbook. Jill is also the Recipe Developer and Content Producer for Silkeny Organic Virgin Coconut Oil.

In addition to her freelance work as a content producer with conscious health companies, Jill is also the creative mind behind Living with Positivitea – a Youtube channel and social community for the curious minded, interested in entrepreneurialism, nature, beauty and ideas about living with purpose/adventure.

Jill is currently working towards her certification in Aromatherapy and Reflexology, as well as Body Work Certification in Swedish/Shiatsu massage. She is looking forward to sharing her practice and services in the healing arts, while also offering pure plant products for self adornment.


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