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Whether you are pumped about holistic health, herbalism, tasty recipes, philosophy or just want a good ol' fashion dose of "Positivitea;" this channel and community is for you!

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I can't get enough of frisbee!! I look forward to this "holistic sport" every summer because it teaches us so much about life, energy flow, failing with grace, self acceptance, patience, practice, team work and individuality.
Is over promising one of your favourite things to do? Do you jump at every "shiny" new thing, next job offer, or exciting new collaboration, and promise to deliver every skill and trick in your bag? As entrepreneurs and people who are excited about life and goal setting, we all tend to do this!
I use to never make popcorn, because I thought you needed a special machine or something...but all you really need are popcorn kernels, a large pot, coconut oil and a few spices! It takes literally minutes to make, and it is WAY healthier than the store bought varieties!

I am so excited to share my first VLOG with you... of the adventures Kathryn and I had at her family cottage.

Who cares what the media thinks is sexy... let's redefine the very word! The meaning behind "sexiness", is something very different and personal to each individual. We may go through phases of feeling sexy and other phases where we feel more casual - both expressions are needed, in the pursuit of wholeness.

The song Movin' was co-written by Jill Stella Richards, Kathryn Merriam and Ryan Maguire. Living in the city of Toronto, they individually perform with various bands and projects of their own, and have collectively come together to form Cool Mandala!
Do you have a lot of ideas, but have a hard time following through with them? Are you struggling with competition in the business world? This video is all about how to unleash your inner creativity, how to get things done, and how to start collaborations that count!

A music video celebrating honey bees! Purchase a download of Honey Bee (and other songs by Jill Stella Richards) by visiting by https://chamomilemusic.bandcamp.com/ Honey Bee - Performed by Meg Contini (lead voice), Jill Stella Richards (trombone and back up vocals) and Ryan Maguire on guitar and vocals. Produced by Scott Walsh!

I use to think I couldn't sing, until I realized that I was singing soprano lines the whole time! All I had to do was drop it down a couple of keys, keep it real, live the "alto life", and I instantly found peace, pleasure and play with singing.

Bananas are a thing of beauty. They are inexpensive and so versatile - make em' into vegan ice cream, bulk up your smoothies, turn them into banana pops! Did you know that there are over 600 varieties of bananas in India alone?

Though I am clearly not an authority to give relationship advice, I have been in a long term relationship for almost 8 years now. When I met my partner I knew I wanted to spend the rest of my life with him. How did I know?
Are people forgetting your name all the time? Are you forgetting other people's names? See an acquaintance on the street, and don't feel like saying "hi"? I have a solution! (Haha)
Some people post about their lives and vacations online, but don't really like to talk about how they actually make a living. This video is all about how I make money, the jobs that I have, and the mindset that is required - to be an entrepreneur!

A journal reflection of my sensory experiences at the Pinery Provincial Park in Ontario Canada. Going camping is like a full spectrum free therapy, where one can experience regeneration of the entire body, mind and spirit.

This video is all about understanding value exchanges and where our specialized skills or "superpowers" are needed. An artist can't expect their album or product to be successful if they do not have an intention for where they want it to go and in who's hands that product or album should be.