13 Unconventional New Years Rituals + How Intention Could Affect the Collective Consciousness


It's 2017 – welcome to “the future!”  

This seems to be the time of year where the grunts from “New Year skeptics” start to surface, in response to those “drinking that Near Years Kool-aid.” Though I would rarely support behavioural trends that poke fun at others... I totally get it. We can be hilarious creatures that need to be teased at times – frequently falling into societal holiday consumer traps and sometimes waiting for collective “permission” as to when to give gifts, create dinner feasts, or even set life goals. This may be true for some, but there is also something very endearing about wanting to do things together as a society – and there is strength in that! It might be hard to admit or even pin point at times, but there is no doubt that our actions and intentions affect others.   


Can personal intention have a ripple affect on the collective?

Whenever I think of the concept of entrainment, I am always mind blown by the possibilities and potentials of its presence. Physics tell us that entrainment is when two or more separate oscillating systems (which have independent frequencies) are out of phase, the two may adjust to fall into synchrony. Different vibrating organisms are able to synchronize by a powerful external rhythm.

Curiously, if individual thoughts are vibratory, than could a passionate thought (or a powerful New Years ritual) influence another?

If there were ever a time to start doing those jumping jacks or write that play – it's now! Currently in the world people are stirring the pot for personal growth; why not ride that “collective wave” to accomplish your goals?

For reference, inspiration and further investigation on the subject of collective transformation, The Heart Math Institute and Collective Evolution are valuable resources for discovering the science of interconnectivity, and the surprising relationships between health, behaviour and solar geomagnetic activity.


Spare change?

My thoughts are that is never a bad idea to assign a check in point for self reflection and vision for your life; if regular goal setting isn't already in your agenda, New Years aims to serves that. Let's face it... holidays that don't seem to revolve around consumerism are few and far between, so when one comes up that is more directed toward "the cosmic calendar," our great significance (and insignificance) – I'm game! We just celebrated another trip around the sun, that alone is beautiful and worth a fiesta.


Got Kool-aid?

If one is drinks that “New Years Kool-aid” and emotionally believes that they can make changes in their life, they are creating new neural pathways in their brain. Even if they eventually fall off of the new years “bandwagon,” the journey will continue from that new arrival point. One will never know how that emotional “check in” has changed their brain and their potential motivations for the future. A little change is better than no change; so even if one “fails” at their attempt at a better life, one will have gotten further than if they didn't try at all. It's a simple science.  



13 Unconventional Life Enhancing New Years Resolutions


    • (How to still feel “cool” while ordering a water at a bar).

      Order a Perrier, tea or glass of water (without a straw) and tip like it's a beer. It's simple, smart and effective. 


    • Talk to yourself – at home, in public, while doing the dishes, whenever.

      When I talk to myself out loud, it seems to invite an attitude of positivity and play. It can be a silly and casual way to keep things light hearted – which is especially important to do in a world where people can sometimes seem so serious.


    • Feel good about yawning in public – let your yawns roar! We seem to be socially conditioned to hide our yawns, yet studies have revealed that there are numerous health benefits to yawning. It also shows empathy, and that we are humans.


    • Enhance your dream and waking life by thinking of a visual or reciting a phrase out loud before you fall asleep, and right after you wake up. Your frame of mind can be heavily influenced and conditioned with this powerful tool.


    • Commit to bringing energy to people (especially to those behind customer service counters) rather than taking it from people.


    • Sing to dogs, cats and other animals and observe if their behaviour shifts at all...just for fun.


    • Go out of your way to tell someone that they did an amazing job – whether it be congratulating them on a song they sang, an article they wrote, or for the brilliant conversation you had with them over tea last night.


    • Apologize when you have to bring out your phone when in the presence of a friend or family member. If you have to say something like, “I apologize for taking my phone out right now, but it is key that I send this text message to this person at this very moment.”


    • Talk to your body as if it has a consciousness... and develop and ongoing relationship of appreciation for the amazing things it does for us all the time.


    • Go to the library and read a book first before buying it – you'll save money on books that aren't your absolute favourite. If you truly love a book enough to read it again, buying it after reading it would be that next step.


    • Ask yourself, “when is the next clothing swap event taking place in my city or when can I schedule one?” We have way too many clothes that no longer serve us, so swap them out!


    • Aim to take note when you get emotionally triggered by something that someone says or does. The act of observing an emotion means that you aren't possessed by it...so it can become clearer how you can choose to react.




    5 ways to ensure successful momentum and completion of a goal:


    Aside from those general, silly and smart goal suggestions, it is important to choose goals that you feel passionate and emotionally connected to. Duh...


    1. To ensure successful momentum or completion of a goal, one HAS to feel emotionally connected to change.

    You can't non-nonchalantly step into change. You must feel passionate about something to complete it, otherwise the neural mapping isn't being laid out for success.  


    2. Commit your ideas to paper or record yourself setting your intentions, and listen back regularly.

    You won't know if your improving unless you have a reference point to check in with. Solidify those ideas so that you remember them.


    3. Dig deep!

    Get to the root as to why you are setting the goal in the first place. There may be something deeper that you have to address first. Maybe goals that have to do with weight loss or finding a relationship (in desperation) could actually be a sign that you need to set goals about working towards self love and self honour?


    4. Keep it simple.

    I adopted a 20/20/20 goal regime for each day (a 20 minute daily discipline in music study, meditation and movement). Maybe you might want to try something similar?


    5. Celebrate your successes and be easy on yourself.

    If goal setting is fun or treated as a “game,” with rewards and milestone celebrations, you are more likely to have to come back for another “round” come the following new year.

    If that is the case it is never a loss and you will have developed self trust to continue playing. Remember, being perfect should never be the goal as that is unrealistic. Small changes can have a snowball effect. You never know how or who you will inspire...including yourself. 

    Posted on January 9, 2017 .