How to Crush Your Goals (with The $20 Challenge)!


I wrote a letter to "money..." and it was one of the most interesting activities I have done this year. I hand wrote this letter as if it were to my boyfriend – including secrets, past childhood experiences, insights, apologies and intentions for new open communication, understanding and love. I did this in a workshop led by Vanessa Ferraro.

Before that moment, I had never considered money as an energetic ally in my life; a flowing neutral energy – that sometimes gets a bad rap – but desires to be transmuted into supporting our great service on the planet.

It is a necessary requirement in accomplishing our mission/s on planet earth. And as soon as can realize this and get over our previous socially conditioned narratives, the sooner "money" can flow into our lives more easily. This is something I am still working on.

A lot of our beliefs around money were inherited from our parents.  Whether we may be aware of it or not, the way they talked about/used or abused money, subconsciously shaped our understanding and relationship with it.

My parents were not rich, for middle class North American standards. Though my dad was very conservative with spending, cutting corners with coupons and pulling out the stops with savings, my mom seemed to find ways to go above and beyond to make us feel like we had it all.

I recently discovered that money is necessary in "putting skin in the game" and truly achieving our goals. 

I was inspired by my friend who hired me to develop a program with her, on Intentional Home Design and Feng Shui. Though she is the expert in the field, having graduated from Interior Design School, Permaculture Eco-Village Design, and several Feng Shui programs, she continues to pay me each week to meet with her and develop content.

When I asked her why she insisted to pay me, (since we are both going to be mutually benefitting and getting paid for this program), she revealed that this was her way of showing her professional trust in me, herself and the Universe – that this WILL get done.

I was so inspired by her energetic confidence in achieving her goals... and wanted in on the game! 

The game being a wager on myself. 

This is when I started the $20 challenge.


I picked (manifested) two friends who I knew were creative artists with strong messages and leadership, but like me, weren't consistent in producing weekly content.

Here is how the challenge works:

1. Decide what project you would like to produce weekly content for, for the next 3 months.

(Do you want to write and post a weekly blog, video, song...?)

2. Find an accountable friend that wants to also release weekly content, and play this game with you.

3. Decide what day, time and platform (the weekly deadline) you are going to publish your content on. It works best if you have a website that you can add content to, but Youtube and other platforms also work.

4. Write a contract to your friend. Include the details, timelines, deadlines, clauses, terms, conditions and method of payment. In the contract, it is also nice to write a manifesto for what you want to achieve and attract into your life. This is your time to declare to the Universe what you are willing to show up for and receive. 

5. Follow through and check up on your pal on their posting day. 

I started this challenge on November 6th and have followed through on creating weekly blog posts and videos! It hasn't been easy trying to bend time to get everything done, however I am getting things done! Things that I wouldn't have consistently been able to do, without this accountability.

The best part about this challenge is that if you miss your deadline and have to pay your friend, that money is going to someone you love and support. It's as if you just bought them dinner – not the biggest deal right? Being accountable and following through on your word, allows your subconscious (and your friend) know that you mean business! 

Participating in this challenge (which ends in February 2018) has allowed a spotlight to shine on the hilarious ridiculousness of how capable we are in achieving our goals. 

A measly $20 on the line is all that it takes to fulfil our life's purpose?! That's laughable. 

I encourage you to share this with someone you may know. Tag the friend that you want to do this challenge with.

Let's start a trend here, of accountability and action in leading the legacy, which is our lives.    




Posted on December 11, 2017 .