"Bacon" Kale Coconut Wraps

With gluten-free coconut wraps filled with eggplant bacon, dressed kale, tomato and avocado, you can't go wrong!


Serving Size:

Makes 4 wraps.



1 package of coconut Pure Wraps (or 4 washed collard leaves)

6–8 slices of eggplant bacon, crushed into bits (see Eggplant Bacon recipe)

1 small head of kale, finely chopped

1 small tomato, cut into thin slices

1 avocado, cut into thin slices

2 tsp olive oil

pinches of salt to taste



Massage the finely chopped kale in a large bowl with olive oil and pinches of salt.

Massage for up to 5 minutes or until the kale turns a deep green colour.

Fill your coconut wraps (or collard leaves) with the kale, slices of tomato, avocado and crushed “bacon” bits and fold like a burrito.   

Posted on October 8, 2016 .