#worklesseatmorebananas - 7 ways to save money in a consumer-centric society

                                              Jill Stella - Musician, Holistic Health Specialist and Online Entrepreneur.       

                                              Jill Stella - Musician, Holistic Health Specialist and Online Entrepreneur. 



Tea, flowers and good reads. 

Tea, flowers and good reads. 

1. The Public Library Exists. 

I get that the library is in our periphery vision...though somehow and at some point, it seems as if the majority of us forgot to use it. This limitless free resource of study, of almost any book or topic fathomable, is definitely worth a friendly reminder. ;)


Photo taken at a  Starseyeview  Super Swap. 

Photo taken at a Starseyeview Super Swap. 

2. Open Source Education Exists. 

Right now, all I want in life is to continue to learn new things, and apply this knowledge to my interests, creativity and career. Sometimes I need to remind myself that I have already acquired the relevant skills to build on my career, and that I just need to maintain an action orientated mindset, to flourish. 

Educational institutions can be a great way to motivate and surround an individual with like minded people, but sometimes I wonder if more schooling can be a form of procrastination.

Ever thought that maybe you already have what it takes to get started on your business, and that you just have to get out there, practice in a real world setting and actually do it?

Websites like Coursera allow you to take courses from accredited Universities and Colleges for free, online! Heck, even Harvard University is jumping in on the game and giving away free syllabus content on their website. 

Learn for the sake of learning, and implement the things you learn in "real time," rather than waiting for a piece of paper that premisses you to move forward.  


3. Take Spending Money on Clothing Out of the Equation. 

Click to watch  Jill's Youtube video  #worklesseatmorebananas

Click to watch Jill's Youtube video #worklesseatmorebananas

I have two words for you - “clothing swaps!” Look one up in your area, host one with your pals, and get in on the action! I cannot begin to tell you the liberation and fun that comes from the sustainability of it all. Free new clothes from a friendly face, the collaborative play and spirit of style fusion and evolution, letting go of attachment, and seeing who vibes with your items? Don't even get me started!

At the end of the event, the massive pile of unwanted meaningless threads of consumerism (soon to be donated) always feels like abstract art - and it definitely serves as a reminder to keep it real.

Get rolling with this, there is nothing to lose. Worst case scenario... you borrow your shirt back.  


4. Buy Ripe Fruit to Freeze!

Take advantage of those $1 bins of discounted bruised, marked or ripe fruit, in its prime state of sweetness and digestive, nutritive assimilation. Support your local fruit shop "ecosystem" and stir up hilarity and chuckles from friendly folk on the street; seeing you walk out with a cardboard box full of 12 bunches of bananas - all ready to be peeled, lined in your freezer, and in your next smoothie.


Free ripe plums that Jill picked (with permission) off of a stranger's tree, in the city of Toronto. 

Free ripe plums that Jill picked (with permission) off of a stranger's tree, in the city of Toronto. 

5. Be Involved in Energy Exchanges. Borrow Things.

Want to take yoga, but can't afford it? Why not sign up for an energy exchange and clean their yoga studio in exchange for their services and community. Need a couple tools to build a shelf? Why not ask a friend or neighbour that lives close by, or rent it at a hardware store (cause they do that).

We don't need to own everything we use. After all, we pay too much rent for our homes to be a storage place for things we use once or twice.  

6.  Let Companies Know If You Weren't Satisfied With Their Product or Service, With an Intention For a Solution.

The possibility of getting your money back, or something in your flavour is likely. Taking the time to let companies know of your constructive collaborative criticism can be a worth while habit to get into, especially if they are a brand that you respect and follow. Either they may give you props for the tips, or who knows...maybe they are looking to hire or collaborate with someone with such great ideas.

7. Ask For Extra Tomatoes on Your Falafel.

Ask for a cheaper phone plan from your network provider. Ask if someone can sweeten the deal for you. Ask for extra tomatoes on your falafel. 

The worst thing that could happen is they say "no".... and when did “no” become so scary?

Posted on November 5, 2015 .