My Astrology Reading

On April 17th 2016, I celebrated my 26th birthday. It brings me great joy, that my 25th year on this planet has been a year of quantum learning and deep self reflection.

Aside from all the meaningful sunsets, gigs I've played, videos I've recorded, songs I've sung, teas I've drunk, laughs and flowers... my palette of skills and services have also expanded. This past year, I learned several body therapies and Eastern approaches to science and healing – including reflexology, aromatherapy, and sound therapy.

As I became more in tune with my body and the energetic bodies of others, my thoughts, my friend choices and my surroundings, my relationship and understanding of vibration, music and the universe, have deeply expanded. 

I read several key books that have shaped the way I view the world: including The Holographic Universe, Energy Medicine, Healing Sounds, When the Body Says No, The Secret Life of Plants, The Secret Life of Water and The Tao of Health, Sex and Longevity.

In essence, I learned a little bit more about the mysteries of quantum physics, how our thoughts carry a vibration, and how our thoughts manifest our reality.

Knowing this information makes me feel like I have the keys to the universe, empowering me to manifest and design the life that I want to live. 


While taking chances and stepping into my own entrepreneurial pursuits, I have come to know more about my mission on planet earth...


I am here to learn as much as I can about this wild and wonderful universe. This mission comes in three parts: 

1.) Learn, seek and follow that which ignites my enthusiasm for life.

2.) Reflect, transform and curate the information that resonates.

3.) Share and disseminate ideas that will uplift others, (whether through videos, blog posts, song, dance, or over cups of tea). 

All the things!


Okay, so basically I am artist... and I want to help people. 


I am committed to supporting myself in living in the present moment, and to finding fun and adventure in the every day. I am also passionate about learning how to build online businesses and continuing to find ways to create passive income sources for myself and others. I am a born collaborator and I know that as I find my voice, I will help others to create the lives they want to live as well. 


Okay, so I want to be a leader...


As a student of “the self”, I was inspired to get an Astrology mandala made and a reading done, by Astrologist and Clinical Psychologist, Heather Ensworth Ph.D. I wanted to learn about the unique planetary energies at my time of birth, and how those energy patterns have been documented throughout the ages.

Aside from the cheesy horoscopes (in teen magazines) I use to skim through as a teenager, I really had no idea about the ancient art and science behind astrology. 

Having learnt this year that every single particle and facet of our world carries a vibration, and that we are all emotionally and physically affected by “the vibes” and electromagnetic fields surrounding us, I knew that getting this reading done was a gateway into understanding planetary realms (and myself) on a deeper level.

Though I acknowledge that some may be turned off by the very thought of reading a horoscope, or learning about their astrological sign, I understand that it is a very effective tool for comparing, reflecting and asking questions about our psychological make up. Whether the astrological reading resonates or not, a person that examines the self and compares and their findings to others, understands a little bit more about the universe. At the end of the day, there is nothing to lose!

Jill's birth chart copy.jpg

There have been some studies and correlations that more suicides and psychotic episodes have occurred on full moons. In addition, a considerable number of studies have connected higher birth rates with the days that land on full moons.

There are also turtles in Costa Rica that understand particular lunar cycles/signals, and come out to lay there eggs on a specific day once a year, when the tide is high. There is no doubt that humans and animals are greatly affected by what's going on in the sky.

After all, we live on an orbiting pale blue dot, vibrating at 7.83 hertz, around a massive gaseous star. It makes sense that we would be affected by what's going on up there, right?


Below, is an edited version of my astrology reading with Heather.


I have taken some of my favourite parts of the reading, and have added the beautiful "Life Drawing" music, by my husband Tom Richards.


This album (released around the same time as I had my astrology reading), was from a life drawing class, where Tom Richards played a solo performance. I find that the title and energy of this music, perfectly suits this astrology art form. 

The Eagle is my Native American spirit animal. 

The one pictured, is flying in front of "The Sleeping Giant" in Thunder Bay Ontario. Thunder Bay is where my parents grew up, and where most of my family lives. 

The eagle represents the ability to see the inter-connectivity of everything. It represents an ability to connect to higher wisdom, truth and creative spirit. The eagle looks at things from a different perspective, and is a powerful teacher to others. I look to the eagle and all animals (as they all have their own unique super powers) for inner guidance, hilarity and truth. 

Posted on April 18, 2016 .