13 Unconventional New Years Rituals + How Intention Could Affect the Collective Consciousness


It's 2017 – welcome to “the future!”  

This seems to be the time of year where the grunts from “New Year skeptics” start to surface, in response to those “drinking that Near Years Kool-aid.” Though I would rarely support behavioural trends that poke fun at others... I totally get it. We can be hilarious creatures that need to be teased at times – frequently falling into societal holiday consumer traps and sometimes waiting for collective “permission” as to when to give gifts, create dinner feasts, or even set life goals. This may be true for some, but there is also something very endearing about wanting to do things together as a society – and there is strength in that! It might be hard to admit or even pin point at times, but there is no doubt that our actions and intentions affect others.   


Can personal intention have a ripple affect on the collective?

Whenever I think of the concept of entrainment, I am always mind blown by the possibilities and potentials of its presence. Physics tell us that entrainment is when two or more separate oscillating systems (which have independent frequencies) are out of phase, the two may adjust to fall into synchrony. Different vibrating organisms are able to synchronize by a powerful external rhythm.

Curiously, if individual thoughts are vibratory, than could a passionate thought (or a powerful New Years ritual) influence another?

If there were ever a time to start doing those jumping jacks or write that play – it's now! Currently in the world people are stirring the pot for personal growth; why not ride that “collective wave” to accomplish your goals?

For reference, inspiration and further investigation on the subject of collective transformation, The Heart Math Institute and Collective Evolution are valuable resources for discovering the science of interconnectivity, and the surprising relationships between health, behaviour and solar geomagnetic activity.


Spare change?

My thoughts are that is never a bad idea to assign a check in point for self reflection and vision for your life; if regular goal setting isn't already in your agenda, New Years aims to serves that. Let's face it... holidays that don't seem to revolve around consumerism are few and far between, so when one comes up that is more directed toward "the cosmic calendar," our great significance (and insignificance) – I'm game! We just celebrated another trip around the sun, that alone is beautiful and worth a fiesta.


Got Kool-aid?

If one is drinks that “New Years Kool-aid” and emotionally believes that they can make changes in their life, they are creating new neural pathways in their brain. Even if they eventually fall off of the new years “bandwagon,” the journey will continue from that new arrival point. One will never know how that emotional “check in” has changed their brain and their potential motivations for the future. A little change is better than no change; so even if one “fails” at their attempt at a better life, one will have gotten further than if they didn't try at all. It's a simple science.  



13 Unconventional Life Enhancing New Years Resolutions


    • (How to still feel “cool” while ordering a water at a bar).

      Order a Perrier, tea or glass of water (without a straw) and tip like it's a beer. It's simple, smart and effective. 


    • Talk to yourself – at home, in public, while doing the dishes, whenever.

      When I talk to myself out loud, it seems to invite an attitude of positivity and play. It can be a silly and casual way to keep things light hearted – which is especially important to do in a world where people can sometimes seem so serious.


    • Feel good about yawning in public – let your yawns roar! We seem to be socially conditioned to hide our yawns, yet studies have revealed that there are numerous health benefits to yawning. It also shows empathy, and that we are humans.


    • Enhance your dream and waking life by thinking of a visual or reciting a phrase out loud before you fall asleep, and right after you wake up. Your frame of mind can be heavily influenced and conditioned with this powerful tool.


    • Commit to bringing energy to people (especially to those behind customer service counters) rather than taking it from people.


    • Sing to dogs, cats and other animals and observe if their behaviour shifts at all...just for fun.


    • Go out of your way to tell someone that they did an amazing job – whether it be congratulating them on a song they sang, an article they wrote, or for the brilliant conversation you had with them over tea last night.


    • Apologize when you have to bring out your phone when in the presence of a friend or family member. If you have to say something like, “I apologize for taking my phone out right now, but it is key that I send this text message to this person at this very moment.”


    • Talk to your body as if it has a consciousness... and develop and ongoing relationship of appreciation for the amazing things it does for us all the time.


    • Go to the library and read a book first before buying it – you'll save money on books that aren't your absolute favourite. If you truly love a book enough to read it again, buying it after reading it would be that next step.


    • Ask yourself, “when is the next clothing swap event taking place in my city or when can I schedule one?” We have way too many clothes that no longer serve us, so swap them out!


    • Aim to take note when you get emotionally triggered by something that someone says or does. The act of observing an emotion means that you aren't possessed by it...so it can become clearer how you can choose to react.




    5 ways to ensure successful momentum and completion of a goal:


    Aside from those general, silly and smart goal suggestions, it is important to choose goals that you feel passionate and emotionally connected to. Duh...


    1. To ensure successful momentum or completion of a goal, one HAS to feel emotionally connected to change.

    You can't non-nonchalantly step into change. You must feel passionate about something to complete it, otherwise the neural mapping isn't being laid out for success.  


    2. Commit your ideas to paper or record yourself setting your intentions, and listen back regularly.

    You won't know if your improving unless you have a reference point to check in with. Solidify those ideas so that you remember them.


    3. Dig deep!

    Get to the root as to why you are setting the goal in the first place. There may be something deeper that you have to address first. Maybe goals that have to do with weight loss or finding a relationship (in desperation) could actually be a sign that you need to set goals about working towards self love and self honour?


    4. Keep it simple.

    I adopted a 20/20/20 goal regime for each day (a 20 minute daily discipline in music study, meditation and movement). Maybe you might want to try something similar?


    5. Celebrate your successes and be easy on yourself.

    If goal setting is fun or treated as a “game,” with rewards and milestone celebrations, you are more likely to have to come back for another “round” come the following new year.

    If that is the case it is never a loss and you will have developed self trust to continue playing. Remember, being perfect should never be the goal as that is unrealistic. Small changes can have a snowball effect. You never know how or who you will inspire...including yourself. 

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    Powerful Perspective on Standing Rock



    Listen to this Powerful & Inspiring Discussion about Standing Rock – with Coffee Break with Vanessa & Collective Evolution

    (Music by Tom Richards and Production by Jill Stella)



    (Photo by Prerana Das)

    (Photo by Prerana Das)

    Pipeline rupture spews oil into creek 150 miles from Standing Rock.

    (A poem)


    Sometimes there are no words

    when stories from the media are full of turds.

    It's a world of extremes but I am in it for the ride;

    controlling the tide of social media submergence of the mind.


    A new awesome video blows my mind each day, as if “it's no big deal.”

    Another President was elected and I still can't believe it's real.

    Youtube autoplay on until the day is all gone.

    The news that trickled in had me saying, “Have things gone all wrong?”


    Yet at the same time that I said it – someone wrote a song...


    If only there were a way to measure how many smiles there were today.

    Did you know that light and darkness are actually friends that play?

    They meet every morning at sunrise.


    “This isn't about what we are opposed to, it's about what we stand for,”

    said an Indigenous leader at Standing Rock.

    Behind the scenes WE came together;

    uniting all nations and tribes,

    bringing thousands of veterans in to protect our streams.


    There is a whole world outside of our screens.


    The fact alone that Bernie Sanders exists,

    I would have never even dreamed.


    The pot for potent change is about to boil.

    I feel blessed to be an observer and care taker of the soil.

    Listen to my song –       I Stand with       Standing Rock

    Birthed on Earth out of the same carbon make up,

    we are photosynthesis in formation –

    a literal definition of “water is life.”


    Everybody is somebody,

    experiencing this journey through a different lens.

    I won't even pretend that I know how it's going to end.




                                  Special Thanks...

    A special shout out goes to my dear friend Justin Nexus Booth,  (not only for his leadership and service in stopping #DAPL) but for his continuous contributions in bringing awareness to conscious media and the evolution of global unity. ♡

    A special shout out goes to my dear friend Justin Nexus Booth

    (not only for his leadership and service in stopping #DAPL) but for his continuous contributions in bringing awareness to conscious media and the evolution of global unity. ♡

    The movement to #stopDAPL was/is about so much more than a pipeline.

    Despicable acts of unjust violence were met with global organization, cooperation, community service, ongoing financial support, art, song and prayer.

    A history of differences were set aside as hundreds of tribes came together to stand.

    The focus on cultural integration and honour of sacred indigenous tribes were at the forefront for once – and it's about time!

    Despite the odds against "us" with social platform censorship and almost no mainstream media coverage, hundreds of thousands "busted the internet" and brought awareness to the complex webs of vested corporate interest and outdated environmental practices.

    Through sharing stories and independent live streams; making calls to the white house and creating #bankexit, the concept of global action has began and continues to surface.

    Though our service to protect our land is far from over...

    Can we just take a moment to meditate on how fucking awesome we are?

    Posted on December 22, 2016 .

    Why "I'm not vegan"

    Eating a vegetarian/vegan diet over the past 5 years has been one of the most rewarding, informative, spiritual and joyful lifestyle shifts I have ever made...

    As a life long student of quantum physics, global consciousness and the unifying forces that connect us all, I try to make decisions that are in line with my values and the way that I want to be perceived in the world. Wanting to live a life filled with intention, abundance, love for myself and others, I discovered that labelling myself as "vegan" was not conducive to that.

    Though I have always embraced living a purple-cow-kind-of-life in a sea of white wool, I am not going to pretend that I am not affected by the perceptions of others.

    Many people automatically (and sometimes unintentionally) view veganism as an exclusive club, full of restraints, "can't haves," restrictions and deficiencies. Though I understand that these views are out of my control and are often misconceptions, I cannot get over the fact that many people are superimposing their beliefs onto my field of energy.

    No one is to blame as the curious nature of being involved with any “ism” often comes with some sort of mysterious “rule book.” I often get questions usually framed as, “so you can't have this...or you CAN'T have that?” These questions always make me feel uncomfortable because yes, I CAN have anything... but I CHOOSE not to. I know I am being particular, but why wouldn't I be?

    I believe that the words we use all carry a vibration that manifests within us and our surrounding world. The word “can't” is not in my vocabulary.

    It is my understanding that veganism is an umbrella term which celebrates the daily practice of compassion, sustainability, health, and global/personal examination. It is a reference point for living a life that closely parallels these values. It is never about perfection or particulars, but incremental and exponential ripples of personal change for humanity.

    The rewards of living consciously and collectively are not exclusive to any particular person and their dietary lifestyle. We all play an integral role in creating positive shifts on this planet, and obtain different pieces of the pie where our gifts and strengths lie.

    If we were to break down all the boxes and labelling and look at the intention behind our actions… we would be left with love.

    The world doesn't need any more division. As I continue to live an open life, heart and mind, I will continue to evolve and update the language that reflects that. Rather than having to sometimes answer loaded questions or sarcastic remarks at some dinner party, I would rather focus my intention on human connection, inclusion, the abundance of the plant world and what is exciting at the given moment.

    We are not defined by our status, dietary choices, gender or which club we are part of – we are defined by our actions and the love in our hearts.

    From now on you can call me your "plant-based pal"… just don't call me late for dinner.

    Your friend,

    Jill Stella Richards

    Posted on August 30, 2016 .

    Combating "Computer Neck" and "Chronic Pain"


    Chronic pain is very interesting... Though it is very real and tangible in our bodies it can be easily “swept under the rug,” overlooked and accepted as default. We may experience the subtleties and varying degrees of this habitually persistent animal living inside of us, because we may believe that it is either normal for everyone to have pain to some degree, or that we should just “suck it up” and continue on with our lives.


    There are two extreme perspectives that those with chronic pain may often embrace; either we allow pain to define us and have that be the “story of our lives,” or we completely disregard it and categorize it as something that is acceptable. Both attitudes can be dangerous and I feel there should be a middle ground.

    The general annual health check up for North Americans in their 20's may consist of a doctor check up and a visit to the dentist...maybe a massage or physiotherapy if we get injured?


    I think it is great that we value the importance of oral health in our society, but when did taking care of our teeth become more important than our spines?


    Photo by Dave Stillwell

    Photo by Dave Stillwell

    Not only does our spinal health affect our structure, form and the efficiency of our bodies, but it directly affects our nervous system, endocrine system, cardiovascular system, the blood flow to our cells and even our capacity to retain information!


    Why do I care so much about this?


    For the last 10 years of my life I have lived with chronic neck pain. Looking back on my adolescence… I had poor postural habits, sat slouched in church pews every week and carried heavy instruments with several text books. Heck, I even developed a career playing the ever so asymmetrical trombone...with short arms!

    Looking at my x-rays and the pain that I experience daily, directly tells a story about my past and the lack of body awareness I had. I also have to take into consideration that imbalances can occur chemically, genetically and emotionally. 


    What exactly am I dealing with?


    The main concern right now is that my cervical spine (the neck, which is often referred to as arc of life) has straightened and the space between C1 and C2 has shortened. This subluxation of the spine is irritating my nerves and effecting several other systems in my body. Fortunately because I am considered a “phase one” patient, there is a window for healing and improvement with regular check ups and daily body awareness. It scares me that If I didn't take action, I would have suffered irreversible spinal degeneration! I was right on the cusp too...


    What is my plan?


    I plan to continue to do yoga twice a week, along with chiropractic adjustments at the Vitality Center, monthly massage, cranial sacral therapy and physical fitness. I am lucky to have found yoga at an early age as I have developed more body awareness and have eased some of the neck pain.


    How can I afford this?


    I have made it a priority to spend money on myself. I don't buy clothing, I don't drink alcohol and I live a simple bohemian life style, so I have a bit of money saved for this.

    There are also many treatments available at a discount on Groupon, like massage, chiropractic adjustments and reflexology. Groupon is the best! Also, if you use my link to sign up, I will receive $10 Groupon dollars that will go toward future treatments. :)


    Link: https://www.groupon.com/visitor_referral/h/99a543fe-328f-4713-b0f6-92fbfe9f44ac


    Why do I want to share my healing journey with others?

    The other day I was walking down the street and saw a young girl (probably 14) holding her neck, jolting it back and forth as if she was trying to crack it to get some relief. This was so hard for me to see, as she reminded me of my adolescent self. I didn't want to risk embarrassing her in front of her friends and lacked the courage to engage with her. This is not something that I want to remain silent about any longer. 


    So many of my friends are musicians, playing asymmetrical instruments that place their bodies into comprising positions. I feel love and empathy for all the “average day Jill's” walking around with pain, and accepting it.

    No other experience has made me feel as “old," realizing that this 26 year old body is at a prime time where imbalances can become more permanent if not looked after.


    No matter how old you are, you can always improve your quality of life and find relief.


    If you are reading this, I want you to scan your body. Do you feel any pain or discomfort? How long have you experienced this pain? Are you ready to get help?

    I'm with you on this! If you haven't already, check out my "Posture Checklist" video for simple tips that can help bring more awareness and alleviate pain in the long run. Also if you want to hear me talk about my story, watch my "Can Jill heal her spine?" video. 

    I believe in the power of my body and it's ability to heal.

    Spine, don't worry...I got your back.



    My Astrology Reading

    On April 17th 2016, I celebrated my 26th birthday. It brings me great joy, that my 25th year on this planet has been a year of quantum learning and deep self reflection.

    Aside from all the meaningful sunsets, gigs I've played, videos I've recorded, songs I've sung, teas I've drunk, laughs and flowers... my palette of skills and services have also expanded. This past year, I learned several body therapies and Eastern approaches to science and healing – including reflexology, aromatherapy, and sound therapy.

    As I became more in tune with my body and the energetic bodies of others, my thoughts, my friend choices and my surroundings, my relationship and understanding of vibration, music and the universe, have deeply expanded. 

    I read several key books that have shaped the way I view the world: including The Holographic Universe, Energy Medicine, Healing Sounds, When the Body Says No, The Secret Life of Plants, The Secret Life of Water and The Tao of Health, Sex and Longevity.

    In essence, I learned a little bit more about the mysteries of quantum physics, how our thoughts carry a vibration, and how our thoughts manifest our reality.

    Knowing this information makes me feel like I have the keys to the universe, empowering me to manifest and design the life that I want to live. 


    While taking chances and stepping into my own entrepreneurial pursuits, I have come to know more about my mission on planet earth...


    I am here to learn as much as I can about this wild and wonderful universe. This mission comes in three parts: 

    1.) Learn and follow everything that excites me

    2.) Reflect, acknowledge and curate the information that resonates

    3.) Share and disseminate ideas that will uplift others, (whether through videos, blog posts, song, dance, or over cups of tea). 

    All the things!


    Okay, so basically I am artist... and I want to help people. 


    I am committed to supporting myself in living in the present moment, and to finding fun and adventure in the every day. I am also passionate about learning how to build online businesses and continuing to find ways to create passive income sources for myself and others. I am a born collaborator and I know that as I find my voice, I will help others to create the lives they want to live as well. 


    Okay, so I want to be a coach and a leader...


    As a student of “the self”, I was inspired to get an Astrology mandala made and a reading done, by Astrologist and Clinical Psychologist, Heather Ensworth Ph.D. I wanted to learn about the unique planetary energies at my time of birth, and how those energy patterns have been documented throughout the ages.

    Aside from the cheesy horoscopes (in teen magazines) I use to skim through as a teenager, I really had no idea about the ancient art and science behind astrology. 

    Having learnt this year that every single particle and facet of our world carries a vibration, and that we are all emotionally and physically affected by “the vibes” and electromagnetic fields surrounding us, I knew that getting this reading done was a gateway into understanding planetary realms (and myself) on a deeper level.

    Though I acknowledge that some may be turned off by the very thought of reading a horoscope, or learning about their astrological sign, I understand that it is a very effective tool for comparing, reflecting and asking questions about our psychological make up. Whether the astrological reading resonates or not, a person that examines the self and compares and their findings to others, understands a little bit more about the universe. At the end of the day, there is nothing to lose!

    Jill's birth chart copy.jpg

    There have been some studies and correlations that more suicides and psychotic episodes have occurred on full moons. In addition, a considerable number of studies have connected higher birth rates with the days that land on full moons.

    There are also turtles in Costa Rica that understand particular lunar cycles/signals, and come out to lay there eggs on a specific day once a year, when the tide is high. There is no doubt that humans and animals are greatly affected by what's going on in the sky.

    After all, we live on an orbiting pale blue dot, vibrating at 7.83 hertz, around a massive gaseous star. It makes sense that we would be affected by what's going on up there, right?




    Below, is an edited version of my astrology reading with Heather.


    I have taken some of my favourite parts of the reading, and have added the beautiful "Life Drawing" music, by my husband Tom Richards.


    This album (released around the same time as I had my astrology reading), was from a life drawing class, where Tom Richards played a solo performance. I find that the title and energy of this music, perfectly suits this astrology art form. 

    The Eagle is my Native American spirit animal. 

    The one pictured, is flying in front of "The Sleeping Giant" in Thunder Bay Ontario. Thunder Bay is where my parents grew up, and where most of my family lives. 

    The eagle represents the ability to see the inter-connectivity of everything. It represents an ability to connect to higher wisdom, truth and creative spirit. The eagle looks at things from a different perspective, and is a powerful teacher to others. I look to the eagle and all animals (as they all have their own unique super powers) for inner guidance, hilarity and truth. 

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    #worklesseatmorebananas - 7 ways to save money in a consumer-centric society

                                                  Jill Stella - Musician, Holistic Health Specialist and Online Entrepreneur.     

                                                  Jill Stella - Musician, Holistic Health Specialist and Online Entrepreneur. 



    Tea, flowers and good reads. 

    Tea, flowers and good reads. 

    1. The Public Library Exists. 

    I get that the library is in our periphery vision...though somehow and at some point, it seems as if the majority of us forgot to use it. This limitless free resource of study, of almost any book or topic fathomable, is definitely worth a friendly reminder. ;)


    Photo taken at a Starseyeview Super Swap. 

    Photo taken at a Starseyeview Super Swap. 

    2. Open Source Education Exists. 

    Right now, all I want in life is to continue to learn new things, and apply this knowledge to my interests, creativity and career. Sometimes I need to remind myself that I have already acquired the relevant skills to build on my career, and that I just need to maintain an action orientated mindset, to flourish. 

    Educational institutions can be a great way to motivate and surround an individual with like minded people, but sometimes I wonder if more schooling can be a form of procrastination.

    Ever thought that maybe you already have what it takes to get started on your business, and that you just have to get out there, practice in a real world setting and actually do it?

    Websites like Coursera allow you to take courses from accredited Universities and Colleges for free, online! Heck, even Harvard University is jumping in on the game and giving away free syllabus content on their website. 

    Learn for the sake of learning, and implement the things you learn in "real time," rather than waiting for a piece of paper that premisses you to move forward.  


    3. Take Spending Money on Clothing Out of the Equation. 

    Click to watch Jill's Youtube video #worklesseatmorebananas

    Click to watch Jill's Youtube video #worklesseatmorebananas

    I have two words for you - “clothing swaps!” Look one up in your area, host one with your pals, and get in on the action! I cannot begin to tell you the liberation and fun that comes from the sustainability of it all. Free new clothes from a friendly face, the collaborative play and spirit of style fusion and evolution, letting go of attachment, and seeing who vibes with your items? Don't even get me started!

    At the end of the event, the massive pile of unwanted meaningless threads of consumerism (soon to be donated) always feels like abstract art - and it definitely serves as a reminder to keep it real.

    Get rolling with this, there is nothing to lose. Worst case scenario... you borrow your shirt back.  


    4. Buy Ripe Fruit to Freeze!

    Take advantage of those $1 bins of discounted bruised, marked or ripe fruit, in its prime state of sweetness and digestive, nutritive assimilation. Support your local fruit shop "ecosystem" and stir up hilarity and chuckles from friendly folk on the street; seeing you walk out with a cardboard box full of 12 bunches of bananas - all ready to be peeled, lined in your freezer, and in your next smoothie.


    Free ripe plums that Jill picked (with permission) off of a stranger's tree, in the city of Toronto. 

    Free ripe plums that Jill picked (with permission) off of a stranger's tree, in the city of Toronto. 

    5. Be Involved in Energy Exchanges. Borrow Things.

    Want to take yoga, but can't afford it? Why not sign up for an energy exchange and clean their yoga studio in exchange for their services and community. Need a couple tools to build a shelf? Why not ask a friend or neighbour that lives close by, or rent it at a hardware store (cause they do that).

    We don't need to own everything we use. After all, we pay too much rent for our homes to be a storage place for things we use once or twice.  

    6.  Let Companies Know If You Weren't Satisfied With Their Product or Service, With an Intention For a Solution.

    The possibility of getting your money back, or something in your flavour is likely. Taking the time to let companies know of your constructive collaborative criticism can be a worth while habit to get into, especially if they are a brand that you respect and follow. Either they may give you props for the tips, or who knows...maybe they are looking to hire or collaborate with someone with such great ideas.

    7. Ask For Extra Tomatoes on Your Falafel.

    Ask for a cheaper phone plan from your network provider. Ask if someone can sweeten the deal for you. Ask for extra tomatoes on your falafel. 

    The worst thing that could happen is they say "no".... and when did “no” become so scary?

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    The top 5 reasons why you should be a "Jill of all Trades"

    Photo by Aidan Finlayson    

    Photo by Aidan Finlayson



    Like most teenagers, when I was in high school I was deeply confused by the notion of choosing a single career path to follow. My passion resided in the arts, and my efforts revolved around my school schedule - filled with Music, Drama, Visual Art, Photography and Com-Tech. Though my happiness was fuelled by expressive artistic creation, I still felt somewhat guilty that I wasn't enrolled in what seemed like "smart" courses. I was experiencing a degree of disillusioned societal pressure, and thought that in order to "succeed" I would need to abandon the majority of my interests, and pursue the perfection of just one.

    It was my rebellious nature that ultimately rejected these fear based thought patterns, and I still remember the joyful day when I rushed home and pronounced, "Mom, I am going to school for music - I want to be a beautiful person!" 

    Photo by Jill Stella      

    Photo by Jill Stella




    After graduating from music school, (the hardest and most gratifying accomplishment of my life) I can now say that I intentionally revert back to nurturing all of my high school rooted interests. I am committed to being an active student and adventurer in this scientific, artistic and expressive playground we call life. 

    After recently discovering the podcasts and writings of world renowned author, athlete and educator Tim Ferriss, my path to entrepreneurialism feels immeasurably empowered.

    Below is a summary of the key points from Tim's "Top 5 Reasons to be a Jack of all Trades" podcast. I wanted to share this with you, as it spoke deeply to where I am at and where I want to go.


    1. The statement "jack of all trades, master of none" is an artificial pairing.

    • In Tim's podcast he claims that being a jack of all (or many) trades, or what he calls "generalist," is making a come back.

    • He argues that specialists tend to over estimate the amount of time it takes to master a skill, and often confuse "mastering" a skill set with "perfecting." 

    • Generalists seem to recognize the 80/20 principle when it comes to learning a skill. 

    • Tim exemplifies that when learning a language, 20% of the languages vocabulary will enable you to communicate and comprehend at least 80% of the time, and 20% of the moves in a sport account for 80% of the scoring.


    2. In a world of dogmatic specialists, the generalist often ends up running the show.

    • Tim states that it is often (not always) that the big picture generalists predict, innovate and rise to power the fastest.
    • At the highest levels in a business, one needs certain "soft skills" or "connective tissue" to be able to communicate and be a proper leader.

    • It is the CEO's like Steve Jobs - who have a broad range of skills, that see the interconnectivity of everything.


    3. Boredom is failure. 

    • Happiness is the opposite of boredom.

    • Tim argues that depression and "emotional bankruptcy" is the direct result of a lack of stimulation.

    • When one has their emotional identity invested in one skill set, they are likely to fall into depressive states of the mind, where as the generalist seems to have more stimulating pursuits to fall back on.


    4. Diversity of intellectual playgrounds breeds confidence, not fear.

    • Tim argues that diversity in intellectual playgrounds breeds empathy with the broadest range of human condition, and appreciation with the broadest range of human accomplishments.

    • "Defensive smugness" is often related to those who pursue incremental gain out of obligation instead of enjoyment.


    5. It's more fun!

    • Lastly Tim states that the Jack of all (or many) trades maximizes his or her number of peak experiences in life.

    • He or she learns "the pursuit of excellence" unrelated to material gain, all while finding the things that he or she is uniquely suited to dominate.

    • The curious generalist often consistently measures improvements in quantum leaps, rather than seemingly stagnant incremental steps.


    a handful of hobbies, Countless career choices, and a palette of passions. Invest in every one of them, and in their own time. Celebrate your unsubscription to the seemingly set architecture of society. Live an unconventional life.
    - Jill STella


    Thank you for reading this blog post and I leave you with this message from Walk off the Earth. 

    Buddha Teas Review

    Ingredients:                                                                                                                                  Ingredients:  


    Rose                                                                                                                                              Ashwaganhda Root

    Nutmeg                                                                                                                                        Dandelion Root

    Lavender                                                                                                                                      Hibiscus Flower

                                                                                                                                                           Raspberry Leaf



    You know you are instantly won over by a

    tea company when...



    - the tea is certified organic

    (though that should not necessary a deal breaker, if you know and trust where and what farm the tea, herbs and spices are coming from)


    -  the box is super sleek and has the nostalgic feel of a soft textured book


    - the tea bags are bleach free


    - you get a brand new tea fortune with every tea you steep


    - they have a Chakra series, and infuse their herbs with stones and crystals




    Herbalism and Chakras



    I love the idea of using herbalism in conjunction with the resonating

    centres of our bodies. We know that everything is vibrating, including

    our bodies and every organ within. Plants, stones, living foods,

    colours, water and even the computer that I am typing on, (governed by 

    an embedded Quartz crystal to keep time) has vibration. 

    It makes sense to me that drinking vibrant herbs - like the

    purple lavender in the Crown Chakra blend, would resonate at a

    high, top heavy frequency, just as Ultra Violet light vibrates at the

    highest frequency in a rainbow. It is also no coincidence that Buddha

    Teas used deep rooted dandelion and ruby red hibiscus to stimulate

    the lowest energy centre in the body.


    I enjoyed meditating on these blends this month, and I want to

    thank Buddha Teas for reaching out to me on Instagram

    These two interesting and distinct herbal infusions were fun to play




    Join me on a flavour adventure in the video below, where I try these two teas!

    We have the ability, privilege and responsibility to be an art curator For our own bodies and minds.
    We do this by celebrating and blessing what we put in it, whether it be food, knowledge, intention or good tea.
    - Jill STella
    Posted on March 13, 2015 .